Noah and the Flood – Genesis 6-9



·         Wickedness of the Times

·         Noah and His Relationship with God

·         Preparing for the End

·         The Destruction

·         Miraculous Deliverance & Promise


1.  What was the condition of society in Noah’s day?  Gen.6:1-8



2.  Why did Jesus talk about Noah’s day in Matthew 24:36-39?



3.  What kind of relationship did Noah have with God?  Gen. 6:9-12



4.  Why is Noah’s relationship with God mentioned in Hebrews 11:7?




5.  How do you think walking with God helped Noah in dealing with the corruption in his culture?



6.  Why did God decide to destroy the inhabitants of the earth?  Gen. 6:13-22



7.  What does 1 Peter 3:20 reveal about the situation in Noah’s day?



8.  What do you learn about the people from 2 Peter 2:5?


9.  What was Noah doing during the preparation for the end?  Gen. 6:13-22





10.  What kind of things would have been stressful for Noah and his family as they were in the final stages of preparation?  Gen. 7





11.  If you had been in Noah’s ark, what would you have liked about it?




12.  If you had been in Noah’s ark, what would you have disliked about it?




13.  How do the last two questions reflect on what you like and dislike about being in the church?




14.  Read Geneses 8:1.  What does this verse mean for you?



15.  Why did God save unclean animals?  Genesis 7,8



16.  Since Jesus said it will be “like” it was then, what similarities do you see between then and now?



17.  When Noah was waiting for the water to recede, what do you think was going through his mind?  Gen. 8:1-19



18.  How do you deal with delay and waiting?



19.  Imagine that you are stepping off the ark….What would you be experiencing?




20.  Why did God have to put the fear and dread into the animals after the flood?  Gen. 9:2




21.  Read Gen. 9:11.  What does this promise of God mean to you?




22.  Since Jesus and the disciples seemed to know so much about Noah’s story and applied it to the generation at the time, what are the things in Noah’s story that you could share with your generation?








23.  What does God want you to be doing during the preparation before His return?



23.  How important is it to know what is going to happen and to be ready for it?




24.  What do you feel the people who helped build the ark, and who were actually in it while building, might have been thinking about the flood?  How does this apply to people today who may not be prepared?





25.  How could you use this story to help people in your family?




26.  What scares you about this story?  What inspires you?



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