The Greatest Story: Jesus – Luke 23


· The Trial by Pilot – Trial by Herod – Trial by Pilot

· The Choice

· The Savior Crucified

1. Read Luke 23:1-5. What accusations did they have against Jesus? Were they true?

2. How do you deal with accusations against you? What can you learn from Jesus’ example?

3. How did Pilate’s own words condemn him? Lk. 23:3

4. Read Luke 23:6-12 – Why was Herod glad to see Jesus? What effect did his encounter with Jesus have on him?

5. What was the reaction of the priests and scribes? How will some people react to what you share?

6. Why did Herod and Pilate become friends that day?

7. Read Luke 23:13-25 – Why did Pilate let the people choose instead of deciding himself?

8. What kind of important decisions do you defer to others instead of making them based on your own walk with God?

9. Put yourself in the crowd…..what would you be yelling?

10. Read Luke 26-43. Simon is forced to carry the cross for Jesus, how do you think that changed his life?

11. What does Jesus’ message to the mourning women mean?

12. What do you learn for yourself from Luke 23:34?

13. Why was the inscription written in all three languages?

14. What are the similarities and differences between the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus? What do you learn from them?

15. Read and really think about verses 44-49. Picture it, hear it, feel what it felt like, where would you have been?

16. Why did the whole crowd beat their chests when Jesus died?

17. When Jesus spoke to God in verse 46, what was he doing? How could this help you?

18. Read Luke 23:50-56 – After reading about Joseph, what do you observe about him?

19. Read verse 52. How hard would that have been to do?

20. What prophecies were fulfilled on the day Jesus died? Why is it important to know them?

21. What do verses 54-56 teach you about the sabbath?

22. How do you rest on the sabbath? What do you do to rest?

23. How does a person balance doing good on the sabbath with doing rest on the sabbath?

24. If someone asked you, “Why did Jesus die like he did?” What would you say?

25. How does the death of Jesus help you in a personal way through your daily life?

26. Could you explain the Savior to a lost person? Would you?

Write out what you would say?

27. The gospel is supposed to be the good news about Jesus. Let’s say you meet someone and they have no idea what the gospel is. How would you lead them into accepting Jesus? What verses would you use?

28. What does the death of Jesus reveal to you about the Father, God?

29. How could this story help you through hard times? How has it helped you in the past?


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