Genesis 9


1.  Read verse 1.  What does blessed me?  Has God done that for you?  In what way?



2.  What was God’s command to Noah and his family?  Gen. 9:1



3.  What do you think God had to put fear and dread towards man into the animals?  9:3



4.  Why did God tell them to eat animals now, when in the creation story even the animals were vegetarian?  9:4



5.  Read 9:4,5 – Was God allowing them to eat unclean animals?



6.  How can you eat flesh without blood in it?  Also read Acts 15:20



7.  What was the penalty for killing someone?  9:6



8.  Read 9:8-17  – What does covenant mean?  What was the covenant that God made with man?  Is it still in effect?  Was it only with man?  What was the sign of this covenant?



9.  Name the sons of Noah.  Why does it mention Ham is the father of Canaan?



10.  Read 9:20-27 Why do you think this story is in the Bible?  How did Noah know when he woke up what had happened?



11.  What prophecy did Noah make about his sons?  9:26  Did it come true?


12.  How long did Noah live after the flood?  Altogether?  Why does it mention how long people lived?



13.  What have you learned that is most encouraging from this chapter?

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