Genesis 8


Read the first 4 words of Chapter 8:1.  Replace Noah’s name with your own.  Write what that means to you:



What did God do to help Noah?  8:2,3-5




8:6-9  Why did he send a Raven out first?




Why the dove next?




Read v. 10 – Why did he stay seven more days after the dove returned? 



What happened in verse 12?  Why didn’t the dove return?  What did it mean?




Verse 13 – What do think was Noah’s reaction as he looked at the earth for the first time after the flood?  Why do you guess your reaction would have been?




When the time was right, what did God say to Noah?  Gen. 8:15-17   What lesson can you learn for your own life from those verses?




Read v. 19 – What do you think the attitudes and atmosphere was like on that day?




Why did Noah build the altar first and sacrifice before he did any thing else?  V. 20



What was God’s reaction to what Noah did?  Gen. 8:21



What does the promise in Gen. 8:22 mean for us today?

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