Genesis 7


Read Genesis 7:1  – What command did God give to Noah and why?



How do you know that Noah knew what clean and unclean animals were?  Why did God have Noah take more clean than unclean animals into the ark?



Gen. 7:4 – why do you think God gave Noah a weeks notice that the rain was coming?



How old was Noah when the flood came?



What key thing did Noah do that saved his life?  Gen. 7:5,7



What happened in the flood?  Gen. 7:11



What did God do for Noah?  Gen. 7:16  Why is that important?



How long was the flood upon the earth?


How high was the flood?



What lessons can you learn from Gen. 7:23



What is the most important thing for your own personal life from this chapter?  Why?




How long were the waters upon the face of the earth?  Verse 24



From this chapter, list the miracles that you consider that God did:





What from this chapter do we need to grasp to be ready for the second coming?


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