Genesis 50


1.  In this chapter Jacob dies.  How do you know that he had gained the respect of the Egpytians?


2.  What did they do to mourn?


3.  What do you learn about guilt in this chapter?  Gen. 50:17



4.  What had Joseph’s brothers thought his forgiveness was based on?


5.  After the death of their father, how did the brother’s feel about Joseph?



6.  Read Gen. 50:19.  What is Joseph’s response to his brothers?



7.  What should you do with your mistakes in life?  1 John 1:9



8.  Give a recap of Jacob’s life.  What lesson do you learn for your own life?



9.  Think about Joseph’s life.  What stands out as being really important for you in your life?



10.  Joseph lived for 54 years after his father’s death.  What was his focus and dream?


11.  What does the last verse say to you?


12.  After having studied all of Genesis, what is the main lesson God has taught you?



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