Genesis 48


Jacob is very sick.  Joseph goes to see him with his sons. 


1.  What does Jacob say to Joseph?  What are the points in his speech as he recaps his life?


            a. ____________________________________________


            b. ____________________________________________


            c.  ____________________________________________


            d. ____________________________________________


            e.  ____________________________________________


            f.  ____________________________________________



2.  What lesson do you learn from verse 2 about priorities?



3.  What legacy did he leave to Joseph?  Verse 21,22



4. What promise for your own family do you see in verse 5?


5.  What are the points of Jacob’s life that speak the most to your own heart and life?


            a. ______________________________________________


            b.  _____________________________________________


            c.  _____________________________________________


            d. ______________________________________________


            e.  ______________________________________________


            f.  ______________________________________________


6.  If you were going to die tonight, what are the last words that you would want to say to your family and friends?  Why?



7.  What promises from God do you notice in this chapter?


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