Genesis 47


1.  Why was Joseph not ashamed to claim his family in front of Pharaoh?  Verse 1


2.  Why is Jesus not ashamed of us?

            Heb. 2:11 _______________________________________________

            Heb. 11:16 ______________________________________________


3.  Why did the Israelites have to come to Egypt?  Verse 4. 


4.  Why do we need to come to God?

            Phil 4:19 _______________________________________________

            Heb. 4:16 ______________________________________________


5.  Why did Pharaoh agree to give them the best of the land? 


6.  Read Matthew 6:8.  What does God want to give you?


7.  List of few of your “needs” at the present time.  What does God want to do to help you with them?





8.  Read verse 8.  Why did he ask his age? 


9.  What did Jacob say his life had been like?  Gen. 47:9  Can you relate to him?


10.  What did Jesus say our life of pilgrimage would be like?  John 16:13


11.  What is the Bible way to cope with our pilgrimage? 

            Ps. 119:54 ________________________________________

            Ps. 138:5 _________________________________________



12.  What happened to Jacob and his family while the famine was going on?  Gen. 47:12  What is the lesson for us?



13.  Read verses 14-26.  What are the steps to bondage?  There are at least 5 mentioned.



14.  How long did Jacob live in Egypt and why didn’t he want to be buried there?  Verses 28,29


15.  What are the main messages God has given you from studying the lives of Jacob and Joseph?

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