Genesis 45, 46


1.  If Joseph had wanted to reveal himself to them so badly, why didn’t he do it sooner?



2.  Why did Joseph send everyone out to reveal himself to his brothers?  What kind of spiritual lesson do you learn from verse 1?


3.  Joseph wept.  Verse 2.  Why?  Jesus wept – John 11:25.  Why?


4.  How did the brothers react to learning it was Joseph?  Verse 3. 


5.  Has Jesus revealed himself to you?  How did or would you react?


6.  What was Joseph’s message to his brothers, even after their betrayal?


            Verse 3 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 4 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 4 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 5 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 5 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 5 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 7 ____________________________________________________

            Verse 9,10 _________________________________________________

            Verse 11 ___________________________________________________


7.  After they had experienced and heard all that Joseph said, what did he want them to do?  Verse 13?   What personal lesson can you learn from that?


8.  How did Pharaoh feel about Joseph’s brothers coming to Egypt?  Verses 16-19


9.  What message did Joseph give them in regard to their trip back to him after they go get their families?  Verses 20-24



10.  Read verses 25-28.  How did Jacob respond to the news of Joseph being alive?  What was his goal?


11.  Why did Israel take all that he had on this journey?  Gen. 46:1


12.  What personal lesson do you see about your own spiritual journey to God in chapter 46?

13.  Why did God say Jacob, Jacob?  Gen 46:2


14.  What promises did God give Israel?  Gen. 46:3,4


15.  What principle of spiritual life do you learn from Gen. 46:3,4 about our selves?


16.  Jacob now had ____ offspring.  Did God keep his promise?  How does that make you feel for your own life?


17.  How did Jacob react when he finally saw Joseph?  How will you react when you finally see Jesus?


18.  Why did they want to dwell in the land of Goshen?  What is the land of Goshen?


19.  Why is it important that we remember we are on a pilgrimage of sorts as well?


            Heb. 11:13 _________________________________________________________


            1 Pet. 2:11 _________________________________________________________


            Luke 21:34-36 ______________________________________________________




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