Genesis 44


1.  Read verses 1-8.  How and why do you think Joseph came up with this scheme to test his brothers?


2.  In verse 3 it says the men went on their way, what do you think their attitude was that morning?


3.  If you had been there, would you have made the statement in verse 9?  Why or why not?


4.  Whose sack was the cup found in?  What was the brothers response?  Would it have been the same if it had been in any of the other sacks?



5.  According to verse 14, was this the final fulfillment of Joseph’s dream?


6.  What was Judah’s response to Joseph’s interrogation?  Verse 15


7.  Do you think Joseph was mean in what he did or was it more than that?


8.  What option did Joseph give them in verse 17?  Why?



9.  Why did Judah speak to Joseph privately and what was his plea? V. 18-34.


10.  What are the lessons for us in the words of Judah?


            :18 “came near to him” _________________________________________


            :18 “let me speak in your ear” ____________________________________


            :19 “you asked, do you have a father” ______________________________


            :29 “you took him from me” _____________________________________


            :30 “his life is bound up with the lad” ______________________________


            :33 “let me stay instead” ________________________________________


            :34 “how can I see the evil on my father” ___________________________



11.  What is intercessory prayer? 


12.  What lessons can we learn about praying for others from this chapter?


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