Genesis 43


1.  “The famine was sore in the land.”  What does the word famine mean?  Before you begin this chapter, think of the areas in your life where you think that verse would apply.  Write down where there is a famine in your life.



2.  Read verse 2.  What did Jacob want them to do?  What alarms you about this verse?



3.  What did Judah say and why?  Verse 3-5



4.  Why did the brothers tell Joseph that they had a brother?  Verse 7


5.  Read verses 8-10.  What do these words of Judah imply that the sons had tried to do?


6.  When Israel said they could go, what was his attitude and his plan?  Verses 11-14


7.  What was Joseph’s response when he saw Benjamin?  Verses 15,16


8.  Read verse 18-22.  Why were they afraid?  How would you have felt?


9.  What was the stewards response to their fears?  Verse 23.  What do you think they felt like when they heard these words?


10.  When Joseph came at noon, what happened?  Verses 26-30


11.  Why did Joseph follow the Egyptian customs in verse 32 even though he worshipped God?  What lessons can we learn for ourselves?



12.  How were the men seated at Joseph’s table?  Why?


13.  Why do you think Joseph gave Benjamin five times as much as the rest?


14.  Since Joseph is a type of Christ in this story, what lessons do you learn about Him from this chapter?


15.  Read Amos 8:1.  Do you think there is a famine today? 


16.  When famine or other tragic events happen, does it bring you closer to God or farther apart?  Read Romans 8:35.  How can this verse be true for us?


17.  When you are out of what you need, where do you go to get re-filled? 


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