Genesis 42


1.  Read verses 1-4.  As Jacob sends his son to buy corn in Egypt, do you think he finally trusts them or not?  Why?


2.  How do you think Joseph felt as he recognized his brothers?  Verses 6,7


3.  Why did Joseph accuse them in verse 9?


4.  What did Joseph try to convey to them in verse 18 and did they get the message?



5.  How were the brothers feeling after Joseph’s treatment of them?  Verse 21


6.  Read verse 22.  What does this verse teach you about Rueben?  How about the others?


7.  Read verse 23,24.  Why did Joseph turn away from them?



8.  What does verse 28 reveal about their view of God?


9.  According to verse 36, how did Jacob feel about his sons?  About God?  What attitude did he have?



10.  When Jacob compared Benjamin to Simeon, which one was more important to him and why? 


11.  Read Gal. 6:7-9.  How does this verse apply to the brothers?  To Jacob?  To Joseph?


12.  This chapter begins with Jacob and his sons faced with a huge problem.  What did the sons do when faced with this problem?  Verse 1  How do you react to problems?


13.  How did Jacob react to the problem?  How was it different from how his sons reacted?  Verse 2. 


14.  Write down the problems you are facing today? 



15.  What solutions are available to you? 



16.  How did the secret sin of the 10 brothers affect their lives and the lives of others?

            a.  Gen. 42:1 ____________________________________________

            b.  Gen. 42:4 ____________________________________________



             c.  Gen. 42:13 _____________________________________________

            d.  Gen. 42:21 ______________________________________________

            e.  Gen. 42:22 ______________________________________________

            f.  Gen. 42:28 ______________________________________________

            g.  Gen. 42:35 ______________________________________________

            h.  Gen. 42:36 ______________________________________________


17.  How is Joseph representative of God in this chapter?


            a.  Verse 6 ________________________________________________


            b.  Verse 7 ________________________________________________


            c.  Verse 18 _______________________________________________


            d.  Verse 24 _______________________________________________


            e.  Verse 24 ______________________________________________


            f.  Verse 25 _______________________________________________

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