Genesis 41


1.  Two years after the butler and baker dreamed dreams in prison, now Pharaoh dreams a dream.  What does this verse reveal about God?


2.  What did Pharaoh dream?  Verses 2-7


3.  Read verse 8.  How did Pharaoh feel and what did he do to try to help himself?  Did it help?  What personal lesson can you learn from this?



4.  What do you know about what God has said about magicians, witches, etc?


5.  What does the Butler come up with and what does he say about himself?  Verse 9-13.


6.  Read verse 14.  What insight can you get about prison life in Egypt from this verse?



7.  What was Joseph’s response to Pharaoh’s request to interpret the dream?  What does it teach us about ourself?



8.  Read verse 25-28.  Why would God show Pharaoh of Egypt what He was going to do?



9.  How did Pharaoh feel about the interpretation? Verse 37-39  What did he do?



10.  What was it about Joseph that led to so many promotions in his life?  Verse 39,40.



11.Why do you think Pharaoh changed Joseph’s name?  verse 45



12. What kind of preparation did they make for the famine?  What principles can we learn for ourselves concerning stewardship, and preparation?


13.  Why did Joseph name his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim?


14.  What is the personal lesson for us in verse 55?


15.  As a result of believing what God had said and doing what he had said, what were the positive results to:

            Pharaoh –


            Joseph –

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