Genesis 40


Read Genesis 40:1-7


1.  Do you think the punishment for offending Pharaoh was just or unjust?  What does that reveal about what happened to Joseph in Chapter 39?


2.  What did Joseph notice about the prisoners in the morning?  What does that tell you about Joseph?



3.  When you see people looking sad, etc. what do you usually do?


4.  Read verse 8.  Describe Joseph’s faith in God.



5.  What was the butler’s dream?  Verses 9-15.  What was the interpretation?



6.  According to verse 14, what was Joseph’s request to the butler?



7.  Read verses 16-19.  What was the baker’s dream and the interpretation?


8.  Why do you think God gave these dreams to these men in Joseph’s prison?


9.  Read verses 20-23.  When God predicts the future and then it happens, how does that help you personally?



10.  Why do you  think verse 23 is a sad verse? 


11.  Describe the word “forgot”?


12.  Have you ever been forgotten?   Or felt forgotten?



13.  Does God ever forget about you?  Isa. 49:15



14.  Do we ever forget about God?  Deut. 6:12, Isa. 51:13



15.  How can we enhance our remembrance so that we don’t forget God or others?



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