Genesis 39


This chapter begins the long story of Joseph.  There is much to learn about ourselves and God from his story.  He was a sufferer, falsely accused, imprisoned, and yet God was with him and he was comforted. 


1.  Where was Joseph taken and who bought him?  How much was he bought for?


2.  What seems to be the key to Joseph’s life?  Verse 2


3.  What does it mean that God is with someone?  Read Acts 7:9,10.


4.  What did Potiphar notice about Joseph?


5.  What is the lesson for us in the fact that the Lord blessed Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake?  V. 5


6.  Why do you think Potiphar was so trusting of this slave? V.6 Did Potiphar believe in God?


7.  Read verses 7-18.  What is the problem with Potiphar’s wife?  Why wouldn’t Joseph do what she wanted?  Read Psalms 51:4.


8.  Read verse 10 – how long did Joseph had to face this temptation?  Why does God allow us to be tempted over and over again?


9.  What did Joseph do about the temptation?  Verse 12.  Read 1 Cor. 10:13 and think of a time when God fulfilled that promise for you.



10.  Why didn’t Potiphar kill Joseph for what his wife accused Joseph of?  V. 19-23


11.  Joseph was put in prison for a false accusation.  How would that have made you feel, react, or think?


12.  Read verse 21.  What difference would that make in your life?



13.  How did the keeper of the prison respond to Joseph?  Verse 22



14.  Why do you think the Lord blessed Joseph that way?  Why doesn’t He do that for all of us?



15.  What is the main lesson God is trying to teach you from this story?



16.  Let’s think about the principles we can learn from Joseph’s story:


a.  He was pampered by his father – he learned ____________________________________

b.  He was a slave in Egypt – he learned  _________________________________________

c.  He was tempted by the wife – he learned _______________________________________

d.  He was imprisoned innocently – he learned _____________________________________

e.  He was prospered by God – he learned _________________________________________


17.  Joseph was in prison for two or three years.  What is the temptation when our imprisonment is prolonged, when deliverance is delayed?   Matt. 24:45-51



18.  How does this story help you in your own relationship with God?

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