Genesis 36

Generations of Esau


Esau’s Wives – daughters of Canaan


Judith the Hittite         Adah the Hittite          Aholibamath the Hivite      Bashemath -Ismael


Died childless                Eliphaz (1)                    Jeush                                   Reuel






Esau’s Son’s wives


Eliphaz                       Eliphaz & Timna (sister of Lotan)               Reuel 


Teman                                     Amalek                                              Nahath                                   

Omar                                                                                                  Zerah

Zepho                                                                                                 Shammah

Gatam                                                                                                Mizzah




Son’s of Seir (the Horite)


Lotan       Shubal          Zibeon      Anah                Dishon         Ezer       Dishan


Hori           Alvan             Anah      Dishon               Hemdan    Bilhan        Uz

Hemam    Manahath       Ajah       Aholibamath     Eshban      Zaavan     Aran

                   Ebal                                (daughter)      Ithran         Akan

                  Sepho                                                           Cheran



Kings in Edom








Hadar (king when Moses tried to pass through Edom)


What can we learn from all this?


1.  Esau is counted with the heathen.  His family had intermarried with Seir, the Horite.  He sold his birth rite and was not among God’s people.


2.  Judith died childless or her children weren’t mentioned in the geneology.



3.  Esau named some of his children Hebrew names, he clung to part of his religious heritage but not all of it. 

            Aholibamah = tent of the high places

            Anah = answering

            Adah = ornament


            Eliphaz = strength of God

            Reuel = friend of God

            Jeush = whom Jehovah hastens

            Jaalam = whom Jehovah hides

            Korah = baldness


4.  In Deut. 2:12, Esau’s children eventually over threw the Horites.


5.  Edom = red (Gen. 25:30).  Esau became the father of the Edomite nation.  Read these verses to see how the Edomites were classified along with the heathen. 

            Ex. 15:15

            Num. 20:14-18

            1 Sam. 14:47

            1 Kgs. 11:16


6.  Read verse 12.  Timna was the sister of Lotan, the Horite.  Her son was Amalek – enemies of the Hebrews, attacked them on their way out of Egypt – Ex. 17:8-16.  Sometimes the Amalekites joined forces with the Midianites and the Ammorites to invade Israel – Jud. 6, 3, 7.  The Amalekites were exterminated by Hezekiah (1 Chron. 4:41-43) 

            The Lesson is:  you can fight against God’s people and win some battles but you won’t win the war.


7.  Why were they called dukes in verse 15?  That means prince and was the names that were used by the Horites.


8.  Why does Moses list the sons of Seir twice?  Verse 20 and 29. 


9.  Verse 39 talks about Hadar, the Edomite king that Moses knew.  Asked permission to pass through his land and was denied.  Moses names his family.  Moses had to take the long way because of Hadar.  Num. 20,21.  It says he caused the children of Israel discouragement.  Do you ever get discouraged because people won’t co-operate, are stubborn, etc.?


10.  Read Josh. 24:4 – it says God gave Esau into Seir.  He became a heathen.


11.  How did God feel about Esau?

            Obadiah – a whole book directed against him

            Mal. 1:2,3 – hated Esau – v.4

            Heb. 11:20 – Isaac blessed both his children, one turned out good, one bad.

            Heb. 12:16 – Esau is used as an example of people who live to please their senses, fornicator, profane 


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