Genesis 35


1.  Read verse 1.  What had happened at Bethel before in Jacob’s life?  Why did God send him back there?



2.  What did Jacob tell his family to do?  Gen. 35:2-4  Why?  Where had that stuff come from?  What is the lesson for us? 



3.  What is revival? 


4.  What is reformation? 


5.  Why do revival and reformation always go together? 



6.  They were journeying back to the land of Jacob’s father.  It was a dangerous journey.  What did God provide for them?  What do you learn from verse 5 for yourself? 



7.  What does El Bethel mean?  Verse 6 


8.   As they journey, what sad thing happens?  Verse 8.  As we journey back to our Father, what can we expect will happen? 


9.  Why do you think God appeared again to Jacob?  Verse 9.  Do you need Him to appear again to you?  Why? 


10.  Read v. 10.  Why did God change Jacob’s name? 



11.  What did God say to Jacob, and what is the significance of it for you?  Gen. 35:11-13




12.  Why did Jacob set up a pillar?  How could you do that today?  Verse 14,15



13.  Read verses 16-20.  What happened to Rachel?  What was her last word?  How hard was that for Jacob? 




14.  Now they come into Edar.  Verses 22-26.  What happened there?  What was the result?  Gen. 39:3,4



15.  List the sons of Jacob’s wives:  verses 23-26

Leah                             Rachel                          Bilhah   (Rachel)                       Zilpah (Leah)

________                    _______                      _______                                  _________

________                    _______                      _______                                  _________







16.  Read verse 27.  Why did God bring Jacob home? 



17.  What is the significance of verse 29? 



18.  We are on a journey to our Father in heaven, what can we expect to encounter on this journey, according to this chapter? 

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