Genesis 33


After Jacobs night of struggling with God, he still has to go out and face his brother.  Chapter 33 picks up the story.


1.  How do you think Jacob is different after his ordeal with God?



2.  Why did Jacob divide his family up?  Verse 1,2


3.  Why did the handmaids get put up front?



4.  What was he trying to show Esau in verse 4?


5.  What was Esau’s response?  Do you think that was his intention all along, or had God changed his attitude through Jacob’s night of praying?



6.  Read verse 8.  What did Esau want to know?  Why?


7.  How did Jacob respond to Esau’s accepting attitude?  Verse 10


8.  Read verses 10-16.  What were they trying to do?  Why?  What was the result?



9.  Why did Jacob want to “go softly”?  What does that tell you about him?  His family?



10.  Why did Jacob name the altar he made EleloheIsrael?  What does it mean?



11.  What do you learn from this chapter for your own walk with God?



12.  What did God really do for Jacob in this chapter?



13.  In what areas of your life do you need God to do that for you?




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