Genesis 32



1.  Who does Jacob meet in this story?



2.  Read verses 1-5.  What is the content of his message to Esau?  



3.  Esau brings 400 men and comes to meet Jacob.  What is Jacob’s assumption of this?  Is he right or wrong?  Do you ever jump to conclusions?



4.  Read v. 8.  Why did Jacob jump to a negative conclusion? 



5.  What does Jacob do?  verses 9-12


6.  What is the content of his prayer?



7.  What steps does Jacob take to try to help the situation?  Verses 13-23.



8.  Now he is alone.  What struggle is he dealing with?



9.  Read Hosea 12:3,4.  What do you learn about Jacob?



10.  According to Jeremiah 30:5-7, Jacob’s experience will be the experience of those who live just before Jesus comes back.  So what exactly was Jacob experiencing?


            a.  ________________________________________________ v.6

            b. ________________________________________________  v. 11

            c. ________________________________________________  v. 10

            d. ________________________________________________  v.26

            e. ________________________________________________  v. 26

            f. ________________________________________________  v. 24,9

            g. ________________________________________________  v.1


11.  Discuss how you will handle the above things.  How do you handle them now?

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