Genesis 30


1.  How many sons had Leah given birth to and what were their names?






2.  How did Jacob feel about Leah even after she had given him sons?  What does this tell you about love?



3.  Read Ch. 30:1,2.  How did Rachel feel about Leah?  How did she feel about Jacob?


4.  What does Rachel’s actions teach you about love?



5.  What plan did Rachel come up with to get children?  What children were produced?



6.  As a counter plan, what did Leah devise and what children were produced?



7.  Read verse 15,16.  How is Leah feeling now?  How is Jacob handling it?



8.  Leah now has Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah.  Based on the meanings of the names, what is she thinking.

            Issachar =

            Zebulun =

            Dinah =


9.  What does Rachel do in verse 22?  What is the result?  Why did God honor her prayer?



10.  Describe the characters of Rachel and Leah.  Which one was really the better wife for Jacob?



11.  What lesson do you learn from the spotted goats?



12.  Rachel asks Jacob for sons again.  What reproof does he give her and how could it apply to you?



13.  What is the main point of this chapter?

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