Genesis 27


Remember what the Bible says about Esau in Hebrews 12:16,17 concerning the birthright.  It will help in understanding this chapter better.


1.  Read Gen. 27:1-5.  What did Isaac want to do before he died and why?


2.  What was Isaac’s health like in this chapter?  How does it fit in with what happens?


3.  Why do you think Rebekah was eavesdropping?  Do you think purposely eavesdropping is ever ok to do?  Why or why not?


4.  Read verses 6-11.  What did Rebekah want  Jacob do to?  Do you think this was a thought out plan on her part or a spur of the moment thing?



5.  She said in verse 8 that Jacob should obey her voice.  Is it ever good to not obey a parent’s orders?


6.  Could you tell the difference between eating goat meat and venison? 


7.  What was Jacob’s response to Rebekah’s scheme?  Gen. 27:11,12.  What does that tell you about Jacob?



8.  Read verse 13.  How was the curse actually fulfilled on Rebekah?


9.  “And he went, and fetched and brought them to his mother”.  Verse 14.  What were the reasons why Jacob did what he did?



10.  Explain the steps Rebekah took to deceive Isaac – verses 15-17.

           a.  ________________________________________________

           b. _________________________________________________

           c. _________________________________________________


11.  In what spiritual ways do we try to disguise ourselves and present ourselves to God?



12.  What were the lies that Jacob told to get the birthright and deceive his father?  Verse 18-24

            a.  ______________________________________

            b.  ______________________________________

            c. ______________________________________

            d. ______________________________________

            e. ______________________________________

            f.  ______________________________________

13.  What is the definition of deception?  What senses are involved in deception?  Read Rev. 13:14?  How will deception be used on us?



14.  What was the blessing that Isaac gave Jacob?  Verse 28,29



15.  How close was the timing of Jacob’s deception to the coming of Esau?



16.  Read verse 33.  What was Isaac’s response to hearing Esau come?


17.  What was Esau’s response when he learned that Jacob had already gotten the blessing?


18.  How did Isaac feel about Jacob?  Verses 35,36



19.  How was the blessing of Esau different from the blessing of Jacob?



20.  What was Esau’s attitude toward Jacob after the deception?  V. 41.  How do people usually respond when they find out they were deceived? 


21.  What is the cost of deception?  What did Jacob lose?



22.  Read verses 42-45.  What is Rebekah’s plan now?  Do you think this was God’s plan?



23.  What was Rebekah’s open reason to send Jacob to Laban?  What was her real reason?


24.  When you think about this family, what do you learn about the dangers of playing favorites?


25.  What is the best way to deal with family dysfunction?


26.  What should Jacob have done, since it was promised that he would get the birthright?


27.  What have you learned that will help you in your own life from this chapter?


28.  What big spiritual lessons are in this chapter?

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