Genesis 26


Read the whole chapter, then go back and read verses 1-6 and think about these questions as you read:


1.  How would you describe a famine? 


2.  Why did he go to Abimelech for help?



3.  In verse 3, what does God tell Isaac?  Why?


4.  What lesson do you see in verse 3,4 for us today?



5.  In verse 5 it says that Abraham obeyed the commandments – this was 2500 years before Moses.  What do you learn from this?


6.  What does verse 6 mean to you in a personal way?


7.  Read verse 7-11.  Why do you think that he repeated this same mistake that his dad had done?

What were the consequences of his lie?



8.  How did Abimelech get so smart about what was right and wrong?


9.  In verse 12, it says that Isaac’s crops yielded 100 fold.  The normal crop yield in Gerar is 30 fold.  Why is this verse in the Bible?  What message does God want us to learn from it?



10.  Read verse 14.  Why is envy? 


11.  For what reasons did Abimelech want Isaac to leave?


12.  What spiritual lesson is there in the stopping of the water by the Philistines?


13.  Read verse 18,19.  What is happening in these verses and why?



14.  What do you consider to be “contention” in your life?


15.  What was Isaac’s solution to the contention?  Verse 21


16.  What was Isaac’s attitude like towards what was happening and what can you learn from it?  Verse 22


17.  Why do you think God appeared to Isaac that same night?


18.  Why do you suppose that Abimelech came to Isaac and wanted an oath of protection between them?



19.  If you had been Isaac, would you have made a feast for your enemies?



20.  What do you learn from verse 34,35? 


21.  What do you think was happening that made Rebekkah feel the way she did about Esau’s wives?  Read Gen. 27:46.



22.  What is the main thing that God wants you to take away from this chapter for your own life?





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