Genesis 25


1.  Abraham is not 140+ years old.  He takes “again” a wife, named Keturah.  What do you think about that?


2.  How did God view his wives?  Verse 6


3.  When Isaac and Ismael buried Abraham, what implications about their relationship do you see?  Verse 9



4.  How many descendents from Hagar did Abraham have?


5.  How many from Sarah?


6.  Isaac married Rebekah at age 40.  He prayed for children, so why if it was an answer to prayer did it lead to so many problems?



7.  Rebekah gave birth to two nations – what does that mean?



8.  Why do you think Isaac loved Esau, and Rebekah loved Jacob?  What consequences did their parental partiality have on their children?



9.  What was Esau’s nickname?


10.  Why do you think Jacob asked to buy the birthright with food?


11.  What did Esau think of the birth right?  Heb. 12:15-17



12.  What did Esau live for?



13.  What did Jacob live for?



14.  Even though both boys were taught the promises of God to Abraham, and about the birth right, worldly wealth, spiritual pre-eminence, priestly prominence, and the Redeemer to be born in their line – why did one hate it and one love it?


15.  The Edomites ended up being enemies of Israel – how does this happen?


16.  What lessons have you learned from this chapter?

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