Genesis 24



Before you study this chapter, think of the bigger message that God might be trying to get across to us from this story by reading this parable first:  Matthew 22:1-10.  Write down your thoughts.



1.  Genesis 24:1-3  Why didn’t Abraham want Isaac to marry one of the Canaanites?


2.  When the servant asked if he should bring Isaac back to the land which he came out of, what was Abraham’s response and why?  Verse 4-6



3.  What was Abraham counting on the Lord to do?  How much do you rely on this same thing?



4.  What did putting your hand under someone’s thigh mean?



5.  Why did the servant take 10 camels?  Verse 10



6.  What was he supposed to look for?



7.  How often have you let God guide you by signs?  Is it safe?  Is it helpful?



8.  What did Rebekah’s act of kindness towards the camels say about her character?



9.  What does verse 16 tell you about Rebekah’s character?



10.  What are the things the servant remembered to do that we can model after?

            a.  Verse 7 _____________________________________

            b.  Verse 12 ____________________________________

            c.  Verse 14 ____________________________________

            d.  Verse 21 ____________________________________

            e.  Verse 33 ____________________________________

            f.  Verse 52 ____________________________________

            g.  Verse 56 ____________________________________


11.  What do you learn about Isaac from verse 63?



12.  What was his response when he saw Rebekah?



13.  What kind of relationship does it seem that Isaac and Rebekah had?  Verse 67



14.  What other lessons have you learned from this chapter?



15.  What do you learn about God’s love for you from this chapter?








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