Genesis 23


There are some very helpful principles in this chapters which can help us in our every day lives.


1.  Read verses 1, 2.  How old was Sarah when she died?  How old would Isaac have been?


2.  What did Abraham do when Sarah died?  Verse 2


3.  What are the stages of mourning?

            a. ____________________________

            b. ____________________________

            c. ____________________________

            d. ____________________________


4.  How did Abraham do with this grieving process?


5.  What did Abraham want from the children of Heth?



6.  Why were they so willing to give the land to Abraham?



7.  Why wouldn’t Abraham accept the land as a gift?



8.  What principle can you learn for your own life from this purchase of land?



9.  What other things happened in the cave of Macpelah?

            Gen. 25:9

            Gen. 49:30

            Gen. 50:13


10.  Abraham had been promised the Promise Land.  Now he is having to bury his family members before reaching it.  How do you think he dealt with that?



11.  What other lessons do you learn from this chapter?




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