Genesis 22


God tests Abraham in this chapter.  Try to put yourself in Abraham’s place.  Think about what you might have done?


  1. Why did Abraham actually follow through with God’s request?  Read Heb. 11:17-19


  1. What does the response of Abraham in verse one, “Behold, here I am”, say about him?


  1. What does sacrifice mean? 


  1. Why do you think Abraham got up early in the morning and left?


  1. How many days did it take him to get to the place where God wanted him to go?  What is the significance of that time period?


  1. Why did Abraham ask his servants to stay behind?


  1. Read verse 5.  What lesson do you learn from this verse?


  1. What do you think Abraham felt and thought as he made the journey up the mountain?


  1. What did Isaac want to know from his father?  Verse 7


  1. Abraham bound Isaac and laid him on the altar, ready to do what God asked?  Has God asked you to sacrifice anything for Him?  Was it hard?



  1. Read verse 10.  What lessons about obedience can we learn from Abraham?



  1. Again in verse 11 the angel called out and how did Abraham respond?


  1. Write down the things that Abraham actually did not put before God?



  1. What does it mean to you that God provided the sacrifice?



  1. What does Jehovah-jireh mean?  In what ways do you need that promise is your life right now?



  1. What did God promise Abraham in verse 17?


  1. Read verse 19.  How was the return trip different for Abraham?  Isaac?


  1. Read from verse 20 to the end of the chapter.  What is the significance of this bit of information that was given to Abraham?  What lesson can you learn from it for your own life?




  1. What did you like the best about this chapter?




  1. What did you like the least?




  1. How could you use this story to help someone in your life better understand what God has done and is doing for us?
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