Genesis 21


Read the entire chapter then think about these questions.


  1. What does it mean to you that “the Lord visited Sarah”?  What personal lessons can you learn from that verse?  Read 1 Pet. 5:7 to go along with it.



  1. What does verse 2 tell you about God?




  1. Read verse 3,4.  What do you see as traits of Abraham?


  1. If you had to wait until you were 100 for God to answer your prayers, would you hang in there with God, no matter what?


  1. How did Sarah feel now that she got her wish?  Verse 6.  Should our feelings be joyful before answers to prayer as well as after?  Why or why not.


  1. What was Sarah’s attitude towards Abraham now?  Verse 7.  Does your attitude towards others change as a result positive things in your life or as a result of negative things?



  1. What family struggles do you notice in this chapter?



  1. What spiritual principle does the birth of Sarah’s child prove is true?



  1. What kind of situation did Abraham find himself in?


  1. What was Isaac’s experience like in this chapter?


  1. What was Ismael’s experience like in this chapter?


  1. What was the experience of Hagar in this chapter?


  1. Who do you relate to the most:  Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Isaac, Ismael?


  1. How did God treat Hagar?


  1. How did He treat Ismael?


  1. What did you learn about God from this chapter?


  1. What kind of attitude did Abimelech have towards Abraham? 


  1. What agreement did they make?  How do you think that it helped Abraham?


  1. If God were to ask you the question that he asked Hagar in verse 17, what would you say?




  1. What do you would be God’s answer to your response?




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