Genesis 20


Abraham journeys to Gerar.  It was a city on the borders of Canaan and was a very rich and well-watered pasture land.


1.  Why do you think Abraham left the area near Sodom and Gomorrah?  Gen 20:1


2.  What events happened that made Abraham lie about Sarah?  Verse 2.



3.  How old do you think Sarah was in this story?  What do you think she looked like?


4.  Who was Abimelech?  Read verse 3.  What does this verse show you about God?  Abimelech?



5.  Read verse 4-5.  Was Abimelech’s claim about Gerar right?


6.  What was God’s response to Abimelech?  What does this reveal about God’s character and abilities?



7.  What was God’s view of Abraham, in spite of his faults?  Verse 7


8.  Read verse 8-9.  Was Abimelech afraid to share his experience with God? 


9. What did Abimelech want to know from Abraham?  How would you have felt if you were Abraham and God had done all that for Abimelech?



10.  What was Abraham’s excuse?  How valid are excuses?


11.  What does verse 13 tell you about Abraham’s lie?


12.  In what way did Abimelech rebuke Sarah for lying to him?


13.  Read Gen. 20:17,18.  How long do you think Sarah had been in Abimelech’s house? 



14.  What lessons have you learned from this chapter?



15.  What is your view of your own life in light of this chapter? 

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