Genesis 19


1.  Why do you think Lot was sitting at the gates of Sodom?  Verse 1



2.  Why do you think the angels refused Lot’s offer at first? Gen. 19:2



3.  What made Lot so urgent about making sure the 2 visitors didn’t stay in the street?



4.  Rate your level of concern for strangers – circle on the scale from 1 to 10, ten being very close to what Lot had for these strangers.

             Less  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10  Most


5.  Read verse 4.  How many people were involved in the mob that came to Lot’s house?


6.  What did they want the strangers for?  Verse 5



7.  Why do you think Lot went out of the house and shut the door behind him to talk to the mob?



8.  What did Lot off the mob?  Why?  Verse 8  What does that tell you about Lot?



9.  Read verse 9.  How did they respond to Lot and what was their view of him?



10.  Who rescued Lot?



11.  What did the men of the city do even after they were blinded?  Why?


12.  What were the angels concerned about in verse 12,13?



13.  What was the cry that was so great that was coming before the Lord?  What does that tell you about society today?  Verse 13


14.  What did Lot do with the information he received?  Verse 14.  How did people respond?  How could this help you in your own evangelistic efforts?



15.  What happened when morning came?  Verse 15


16.  What did Lot do after the angels told him to hurry up?  Verse 16



17.  What effect did Lot’s lingering have on his family?


18.  If you hesitate to follow God’s leading, what effect will it have on you?  Your family? Your friends?


19.  Why didn’t the angels want Lot and his family in the plain but up in the mountains?



20.  Why is it dangerous to look back?



21.  Read verse 18-20.  Why did Lot argue with them?



22.    What is the dangerous philosophy that Lot was using in verse 20?


23.    Why couldn’t God destroy the city until Lot was out?



24.  Read Gen. 19:24 and then read Jude 7.  What do you learn from these 2 verses?



25.  Why did Lot’s wife look back?  What is the spiritual lesson in verse 26.  Read Luke 17:28-33.



26.  Read verses 29-38.  Why did Lot’s daughters do what they did?  How could Lot have gone along with it?  What do you learn from this part of the story?



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