Genesis 18


In this chapter Abraham is 99+ years old.  He’s taking a rest during the hot part of the day and have a very interesting experience.


1.  Read Gen. 18:1-3 What is hospitality?  What does it include?



2.  What did the angels eat?  What does that mean to you?



3.  Think about Abraham spending these moments with God.  What elements of a devotional life were included in this time?  Gen. 18:1-3

            a.  _________________________________________________

            b.  _________________________________________________

            c.  _________________________________________________

            d.  _________________________________________________

            e.  _________________________________________________


4.  Why did they ask for Sarah?  Verse 9



5.  What did Sarah do when they said that she would have a child?



6.  How is Sarah’s laughing different from Abraham’s laughing in Gen. 17:17?


7.  What three things did the angels promise Abraham and Sarah (think of the bigger picture)?

            Promise of ___________________________

            Promise of ___________________________

            Promise of ___________________________


8.  Read verse 14.  In the context of your life, what does it mean?



9.  What is the root cause of denial?  Gen. 18:15  What is another option?



10.  Read Gen. 18:17-19  Why did God even tell Abraham what he was going to do?



11.  Define these terms from verse 19:

            Command ___________________________________________________

            Keep _______________________________________________________

            Justice ______________________________________________________

            Judgment ____________________________________________________

12.  In what ways do the words from question 11 fit your description?


13.  What does it mean in verse 20 “the cry of Sodom”?



14.  What did Abraham do for Sodom and why?  Verse 22-27



15.  What are the elements of intercession, according to what Abraham did?

            Verse 22 ______________________________________

            Verse 23 ______________________________________

            Verse 23 ______________________________________

            Verse 23 ______________________________________

            Verse 24 ______________________________________

            Verse 27 ______________________________________


16.  The word “inter” means among, together.  What does that tell you about intercession?



17.  What was Abraham’s attitude about himself?  Gen. 18:27  How does that make you feel?



18.  Let’s look at the conversation between God and Abraham.  What can we learn?

            Abraham                                                         God

            Will you destroy it if 50?                                   I will spare

            What if 45                                                        I will not destroy it

            What if 40                                                        I will not do it

            What if 30 (risk of annoying God)                        I will not do it

            What if 20 (go for it)                                            I will not destroy it

            What if 10 (go for broke)                                    I will not destroy it

            Returned to his place                                        Went His Way


19.  Why did God investigate Sodom?


20.  What is your favorite lesson from this chapter?


21.   What have you learned about devotions from this chapter?


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