Genesis 15


This is a short chapter.  Read the whole chapter and then come back and think through the following questions.


1.  What is your definition of fear?



2.  What was Abraham afraid of?

           a. ________________________________

           b. ________________________________



3.  From question 2, what is a principle about fear that affects all of us?  



4.  What is the best thing to do when you are afraid?  Gen. 15:1,2  



5.  How did Abraham respond to God’s words?  Gen. 15:3   Why?   




6.  Why did God have Abraham go outside and look up to the heavens?



7.  Read Gen. 15:6  What does the word “believe” mean?



8.  What is the opposite of believing? 



9.  Read Rom. 4:1-9  What do these verses tell you about belief?




10.  What does it mean to doubt?  James 1:8




11.  What is the cure for doubting?  James 4:8; 5:8



12.  As an overview, what would you say Abraham was struggling with in this chapter?



13.  What does he want from God?




14.  What did the birds with Abraham’s offerings to God?  Gen. 15:9-18



15.  What did Abraham do to the birds? 



16.  What spiritual lesson can you learn for your own life from these birds? 



17.  What are the birds in your life?  Mt. 13:4,18,19



18.  What does verse 16 tell you about God’s mercy?



19.  What is a covenant?  Why is it important?  Why were animals used to ratify the covenant?



20.  How will this chapter help you in your relationship with God?



21.  What from this chapter could you use to help someone else who might be struggling with doubt and fear?

















Remember:  Faith grows strong through doubt and fear.



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