Genesis 14


The Rescue – In this story people are either being rescued, or rescuing others.  There are many parallels to our own lives today. 


Read Chapter 14.


Lot is Captured


            List the 5 Kings                                                                        List the 4 Kings

___________________________                                          ____________________________

___________________________                                          ____________________________

___________________________                                          ____________________________

___________________________                                          ____________________________





1.  Why did they go to war? Verse 3  



2.  Where did the fight happen? 



3.  What did Kedorlaomer take?  Verse 11  



4.  What did Abram bring back?  Verse 16



5.  In a spiritual application sense, what do you think these people represent?



            Kedorlaomer –  

            Abram –  



Note: The people had been in bondage for 12 years.  They were sick of it, wanted freedom.  They rebel.  What lessons about yourself can you learn from their experience?



6.  Read verses 8-10.  What happens?







7.  Read Romans 7:18-25.   How do these verses apply to your life in light of this battle?




            Rescue – 



8.  Abram to the rescue – Read Gen. 14:15,16  What did he do?  (Look at the verbs)


            a.  _______________________________ Ps. 3:7

            b. _______________________________ 1 Cor. 15:57

            c. _______________________________  Mt. 17:11; Ps. 18:17



9.  What have you learned from this chapter that will help you the most?



10.  Do you consider yourself in need of rescue?  A rescuer?  Or both?  And why?



11.  Who do you know that is in bondage that you could help?  What will you do for them?




12.  Why did Abram risk so much, and put so much effort into the rescue? 




13.  What would you do for the sake of someone else’s freedom?









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