Genesis 13


Summary of the Chapter:

            1.  Abram returns from Egypt

            2.  Lot follows Abram

            3.  There is fighting about the land

            4.  Lot is given a choice

            5.  Lot chooses Sodom

            6.  God repeats the promise to Abram


1.  What is the criteria you use to make choices?



2.  How can you be sure your choices are the right one?



3.  Why did Abram return to where he had started?  What lessons can you learn from his experience? Gen. 13:4



4.  Why did the herdsmen fight?  What is the cause of most fights?



5.  What solutions did Abram choose?

                        a.  verse 8 _____________________________________

                        b.  verse 8 _____________________________________

                        c.  verse 8 _____________________________________



6.  How did Abram’s view of things help him in his daily life?



7.  Read Phil. 4:7,8.  Read Genesis 13:12  Where did Lot’s choice take him first?



8.  Read Gen. 14:12 – Where did Lot’s choice lead him?



9.  What did Lot base his choice on? 



10.  What are your choices based on in the following areas of your life:

            a.  What you eat?

            b.  What you watch?

            c.  What you read?

            d.  Where you go?

            e.  Who you are with?



11.  What do we need to make good choices?  Explain this process below


            a.  Information

            b.  Conviction

            c.  Desire

            d.  Action (Choice)



12.  What have you learned from this chapter?



13.  How could you use this chapter to help other people in a spiritual or personal way?



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