Genesis 12


Genesis 11 had just recorded the geneology of Abram.  That chapter ended with Abram traveling with his father, Terah, to Haran.  It seems they stayed there a while and that Terah died there.


1.  In Gen. 12:1 what is the message to Abram and how does it relate to you today?




2.  List all of the “I wills” that God said to Abram:


            “I will _________________________________________________________________


“I will _________________________________________________________________


“I will _________________________________________________________________


“I will _________________________________________________________________


“I will _________________________________________________________________


3.  Read Hebrews 6:13-18 and Hebrews 11:8-19.  What do you learn about Abram, and what do you learn about God?





4.  Gen. 12:2 – How does a person become a blessing to others?


5.  How old was Abram when he began this adventure with God?  What does that imply about old age?


6.  What had they been doing in Haran while there?  Gen. 12:5



7.  Read Gen. 12:6,7 Why did Abram build an altar wherever he went?  What is the lesson for us today?



8.  While there were in Egypt, why did Abram tell Sarah to lie?  What motivated him to do it?


9.  What tactics did Abram use on Sarah to get her to do what she did?  Do you approve or disapprove of these methods?


10.  Read Gen. 12:14,15 – Why did Pharaoh take Sarah?  What happened as a result?  Is there any implication for us today in what happened?

11.  Read Jer. 29:11.  What do you learn?



12.  How did Pharaoh come to understand what was right and wrong?  Gen. 12:19



13.  What is the most important lesson you learn in this chapter about:


            God? ________________________________________________________________








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