Genesis 11


1.  Read verse 1.  What do you think it would be like today if the whole earth was one language?


2.  What is wrong in verse 2?



3.  What were people saying to each other?  What does it reveal about them?



4.  What do you learn about God from Gen. 11:5?



            Are there tower builders today?



5.  What was wrong with the people being one?  Gen. 11:6



6.  What did God confound their language?  Gen. 11:7



7.  Is this a new plan that God had, in scattering them, or was it the same plan he had from the beginning?  What does this teach you about God?



8.  Why did they call this place Babel in verse 9? 



9.  Why does the Bible go into another genealogy about Shem? V. 10


10.  What is the genealogy of Shem?

            1.  Shem










How does this list differ from the List in Gen. 10?


11.  Who were the sons of Terah? 


12.  What was unique about Sarah?  Gen. 11:30


13.  Read Gen. 11:31 – Why did Terah take his family and leave the land of Ur?  What does that tell of about him?



14.  Why did they stop there journey at Haran? 



15.  There were three world religions that arose from Abram?  What are they? 

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