Genesis = book of beginnings

Theme = Two classes of people, those who follow God and those who follow man.

1:1 – God created = Elohiym – plural form of God’s name –

Evolution has three main premises:

  1. Gradual transition from worse to better

  2. Things get better by their self

  3. You feel the progress because you feel better

1. Read these verses about creation. How do they compare to what evolution claims?


Heb. 11:3 –

Job 26:7 –

Ps. 33:6-9 –

2. Darkness on the face – What personal lesson do you see in what God did in verse 2,3?

3. God creates things necessary and good for life – What are they?

4. What God makes has continuity to it – water and air are the same that he created.

5. What are the characteristics of the following things and what does it tell us about ourself?

Herbs bearing fruit –

Air –

Water –

Fruit –

Sunlight –

1:24 –

6. Read 1:16. How were we made? What do we have? What have we lost? How do we get it back?

Image = in Hebrew the word means “resemblance”

Themes in Genesis include:

Creation vs. Evolution / Health / Value of man / Reproduction / Biology / God’s original plan

In Revelation: Themes include: Creation vs. Evolution / Health / Value of man / God fulfilling His original plan

Since the themes are the same, what do you learn about God?

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