In America, 93% of us have Bibles but most of us don’t read them. In fact, only 18% of Christians are reading the Bible in a given week. The main reason given is that we don’t understand what we are reading.

The Bible is God’s number one tool for speaking to our hearts, transforming our lives, and helping us deal with every facet of our experience.
Here are some simple tools to help you understand what you read.

1. Get a notebook and write while you read.

2. After you have read a verse, story, or chapter in the Bible ask yourself and God these three questions:

  • a. What does this tell me about God?
  • b. What does this show me about myself?
  • c. What does this reveal about my culture?

3. Write down what you learn from these three questions. You’ll be amazed at how much more you will know when you are finished, and how personal the experience will be with God.

4. Be ready to share what you learn, because often what God teaches you He will use to help someone else too.

5. Make Bible study a part of your every day. It will become something you won’t want to miss, as you really begin to spend time with God.

Bible Study Worksheet


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