Test – Bible Study Worksheet

Think about and answer the following questions.  You can email your responses back to me and I will give you ideas on how to make your Bible Study more personal and give you ideas for appeals.

Second Coming of Jesus

1.     Review the topic to be studied

a.      What is the Bible’s claim about it?  What are the facts?

b.     Why is it important today?  What difference does it make if you believe?

c.     How does this truth help me in my relationship with Jesus?

d.     Why does this person need to know it?  Is there some practical reason why God wants me/them to know it?

              e.      What are implications of this truth for this person?  What 

                   changes will they experience if they believe?          

                    What help they need?

2.     Make a plan of what you hope to accomplish.  What do you think God really wants for this person regarding this truth?

3.     Write out a few appeal questions to help move the person to action.  What Bible stories might be helpful?





















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