——-Discover Fellowship 210——-

He Wants to Answer Your Questions


The Bible’s claim is that God wants you to understand His dealings with man and know that He has done all He could.  He wants to answer all your unanswered questions and make clear to you all that seems unfair and unjust in this life.


1.      What did Jesus promise to his people?  John 14:1-3


2.      What happens when Jesus comes back for his people?  1 Thes. 4:16,17


3.      How many resurrections did Jesus say there would be?  John 5:28,29


4.      When Jesus resurrects the righteous at His coming, what happens to the wicked?  2 Thes. 1:8


5.      What happens to the devil when Jesus comes back?  Rev. 20:1,2


6.      What do the chains represent?  2 Pet. 2:4


7.      What will the earth be like for those thousand years?  Jer. 4:23-27; Jer. 25:33  Why?




8.      What will the righteous do when they get to heaven? Rev. 20:4,6



9.      Why does the Bible say that the saints will judge the world, isn’t God the judge?  1 Cor. 6:2; 2 Tim. 4:8



10. When God’s people stand on the sea of glass what conclusion about God do they come to?  Rev. 15:3,4



11. What happens at the end of the thousand years?  Rev. 20:5,7-9



12. Why do you think the devil thinks he has a chance in that last battle?  Rev. 20:8



13. What happens to the devil and those with him?  Rev. 20:9,10





——-Discover Fellowship 210——-


14. Where does the fire come from and why is that significant?  Rev. 20:9


15. What will this fire do?


2 Pet. 3:12,13 _______________________________________________

Malachi 4:1-3 _______________________________________________

Ezek. 28:17,18 ______________________________________________

Jer. 17:27 __________________________________________________


16. What example of hell fire did God already give us?  Jude 7; 2 Peter 2:6



17. What does it mean that the fire is an “unquenchable fire”? Matt. 3:12; Isa. 47;14


18. Rev. 20:10 says the wicked will be tormented day and night forever?  How can that be if they are burned to ashes?  Rev. 20:10; Rev. 14:9-11


Forever = until the end of the age or as long as it shall last

1 Sam. 1:22,28 ____________________

Jonah 2:6 ________________________



19. What is result of the fire?  Rev. 20:13-15; Obadiah 16; Ps. 37:10,20



20. What will God do after the fire is out?  Rev. 21:1-4


21. Why did Jesus give this warning in Matt. 10:28




22. What could you do today to ensure that you are not destroyed in the fire? 



23. What could you do to help others be prepared for the first resurrection?



24.   What are some of the questions you want God to answer during the thousand years that you have not been able to understand here on earth?





For Further Study:  Amazing Facts #12, Discover Lesson 22,23



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