——-Discover Fellowship 207——-

A New Beginning


The Bible’s claim is that  God  wants to give you a brand new beginning, a rebirth into a new experience, a new family, a new start, a new lease on the abundant life.


1.      Did you ever have a longing to start over, make everything right, have a  chance to wipe out the mistakes of the past?


2.      Read John 3:1-6  Why did Nicodemus come to Jesus at night? 


3.      What did Jesus tell Nicodemus that he needed?  (2 things)


4.      Why is baptism important?  Mark 16:16,   Matt. 28:19,20


5.      What does baptism symbolize?  Rom. 6:3-6


6.      When a person is baptized, what does he become a part of?  1 Cor. 12:13; Acts 2:46,47



7.      Why is it important that a new baby Christian has a church family?



8.      What kind of baptism is Biblical?  Eph. 4:5, Mark 1:9,10, Acts 8:38


9.      What does the word Baptism mean?


10. What is important before baptism? 


a.      Matt. 28:19,20 _____________________________

b.      Acts 2:38 _________________________________

c.      Acts 2:41,42 _______________________________


11. What is promised at baptism?  Acts 2:38,39;  Matt. 3:17



12. When should a person be baptized?  Acts 22:16




13. Can a person be baptized more than once?  Acts 19:1-5




14. What does baptism mean to you personally? 





15. If you were already baptized, how can you have another new beginning with God?  John 13:1-9




16. Read Luke 22:16,18  What is the focal point of communion?




17. Why was Jesus baptized any way?  Did He need a new beginning?  1 John 2:6, 1 Pet. 2:21



18. What happens after baptism? 


2 Cor. 3:6  ______________________________________________


Matt. 28:19,20 ___________________________________________



19. If you were to try to tell someone why Jesus wanted them to be baptized, what would by your number reason?  Who would you want to willingly listen?



20. What benefits would you gain from baptism in the following areas?


Emotional _________________________________________________

Spiritual ___________________________________________________

Mental ____________________________________________________

Social ____________________________________________________



21.  God wants you.  What do you want?










For Further Study:  Discover 19, Amazing Facts #9



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