——-Discover Fellowship 206——-

He Wants You Accept His Mission


The Bible’s claim is that  God  is looking for a few good men and women to accept His Message and Mission in these last days.  Are you ready for the challenge?


1.      Review the last message to the world just before Jesus comes:  Rev. 14:6-14


2.      Who does God want to proclaim this message?  Rev. 22:17




3.      Who is this bride in Rev. 22?  Rev. 12:1-6; 13-17


4.      In contrast to the bride, who does the harlot woman represent?  Rev. 19:7,8



5.      What does the word remnant imply in Rev. 12:17?  What are the implications for us today?



6.      What historical setting helps us understand the remnant?  Dan. 12:4-9 and Dan. 8:14,17



7.      Read Rev. 10:8-11.  Compare it to Daniel 12.  What do you notice as similarities and contrasts?


8.      What do disappointments have to do with God’s people?  Can God still lead through disappointing times?  (Hint:  Disciples and the cross / Advent Awakening Reformation / Second Coming)


9.      How many churches does God have?  Col. 1:18 and Eph 4:4


10. The reformation is a progression out of the dark ages of Romanism and Paganism.  Is it still going on today?  In your life?


11. What happened to help or hinder the reformation?

Constantine _________________________________________

Roman Church ______________________________________

Martin Luther ________________________________________

John Calvin _________________________________________

Ana Baptists ________________________________________

John Wesley ________________________________________

William Miller ________________________________________


12.   Read John 10:16 What does a Christian do?

13.   What does a Christian not do?  John 12:32


14.   What promise does God give us if we read, hear, and keep the things written in His Book?  Rev. 1:3


15. On what basis should we chose a church?  1 Tim. 3:15


16. If you follow truth, what will your experience be like?  Prov. 4:18


17. Who places a person in the church and for what reason?  1 Cor. 12:18



18. Why does God want you to be part of His remnant church?  Rev. 18:4



19. What’s the difference between being part of a reformation movement and being part of a church?



20. What are the benefits of accepting the mission of proclaiming the three angels messages in these last days and upholding the truths of God’s word in the face of falsehood and error?  Dan. 12:3 and Matt. 19:29



21. Are you ready and willing to accept God’s mission for you of upholding His Word and proclaiming His last message to the world?



22. What challenges do you see that Satan might try to use to discourage you from following Jesus?




23. What can you do now to be prepared to face those challenges head on and stay true to God and His Word?



24. Who are the people in your life that you need to pray for so that they will understand God’s last day message also and be ready for His Coming?

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For Further Study:  Discover #25



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