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He Wants You to Know the Issues


The Bible’s claim is that when Jesus was on earth, He warned his disciples about a power that would come and the only way they could really understand it was to read the book of Daniel.  His disciples also wrote warnings to the early Christians and gave them insight into the “spirit of antichrist”.


1.      What is the motive behind an antichrist?  1 John 2:22,26


2.      What does the word “antichrist” mean?


3.      What did the early Christians know about the antichrist?  1 John 2:18,19




4.      Read 2 Thes. 2:1-4.  When does Paul say that the man of sin who opposes God, will come?  Read also verses 7-10.


5.      Why does the Bible use the phrase “son of perdition” for the antichrist in 2 Thes 2:3?  The only other place that phrase is used is in John 17:12.


6.      In Matthew 24:24 Jesus admonished us to read the book of Daniel to understand the abomination of desolation – a term referring to the antichrist.  Why Daniel?


7.      Study Daniel 7.  The focal point is the little horn power and what it would be and do.  What are some of the traits of this power?

Came up among the other horns ______________________________

Plucked up three __________________________________________

Eyes like a man ___________________________________________

Speak great words against God ______________________________

Think to change times and laws ______________________________

Made war with the saints ____________________________________

Rule for a time, times, dividing of times _________________________


8.      According to Daniel 8:25, what would be his preferred method to promote his ways?


9.      Who is the antichrist power the Bible is talking about?


10. Read Daniel 8:24,25.  What verbs are used to describe this power?


11. In Daniel 8:25 what does it mean that this power will be broken without hand?


12. What do you think of a system that opposes God?  Would you go along with it, support it, or promote it?


13. The true spirit of antichrist is revealed in Daniel 8:11,12.   How do these characteristics depict an antichrist and what do they mean in our own spiritual life?

            Magnified himself __________________________________________

            Takes away the daily sacrifice ________________________________

            Cast down the place of the sanctuary __________________________

            Cast truth to the ground _____________________________________


14.   What steps will you take to ensure that none of the above mentioned characteristics remain a part of your own life?


15.   Describe a protestant?


16. Here is a list of famous protestant reformers who taught the same things about the antichrist.  If you want to be amongst them, and let God  use you to protest the errors of the antichrist, add your name to the list.

Martin Luther              John Calvin                John Knox

Thomas Cranmer      Roger Williams          Cotton Mather

John Wesley              Wycliffe                       Tyndale

Issace Newton           Jonathan Edwards    John Bunyan

George Whitfield       Martin Lloyd Jones    __________________________


17. Read Rev 14:8,9.  The issue is over what? __________________________

The choices are fellowship with ________________ or ______________


Advanced Thinking:

18. What is still to come in the antichrist chronicles?  Rev 13:12-16






19.  What are you doing now to prepare yourself to stand for God then?




20. Read Rev. 14:4 What do these words do for you in your walk with God?

Not defiled with women ____________________________________

Follow the Lamb _________________________________________

Redeemed from among men _______________________________

Firstfruits unto God _______________________________________


21. What attitude is it important for us to adopt if we are going to stand true to God in the last days?  Acts 4:19,20


There are two great truths that stand out in the preaching that brought about the Protestant Reformation: the just shall live by faith, not by the works of Romanism and the Papacy is the Antichrist of Scripture.  It was a message for Christ and against Antichrist.  The entire Reformation rests upon this twofold testimony.(Michael de Semlyen, All Roads Lead to Rome, pp. 202,203)



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