——-Discover Fellowship 202——-

He Wants You To Enjoy Worship


The Bible claim is that God wants you to experience worship individually and as a community of believers. 


1.      What does the word worship mean?


2.      What does Mark 12:30 tell you about worship?


3.      According to the previous verse what is supposed to be involved in our worship of God and what does it mean?


Heart ________________________________________________________


Soul _________________________________________________________


Mind ________________________________________________________


Strength _____________________________________________________


4.      What does God call the sabbath and why?  Lev. 23:3


5.      What does Hebrews 12:28 indicate about worship?


6.      Jesus told the Samaritan woman something about worship, what did he say?  John 4:23


7.      Our worship should be a witness to unbelievers, we need to be sensitive to them.  Why?  1 Cor. 14:16,17


8.      Read Romans 12:1  Why does God want our body?  


9.      Does everyone have a part in worship?  Romans 12:4,5


10. What has been a part of worship?


Ex. 34:14 ____________________________________________________

Deut. 26:10 __________________________________________________

1 Chr 16:29 __________________________________________________

Ps 95:6 _____________________________________________________

Ps 138:2 ____________________________________________________

Isa 66:23 ____________________________________________________

Jer 26:2 _____________________________________________________

Rev 4:10,11 __________________________________________________




11.  Is there a wrong way to worship God?    


            Mt. 15:9


            Jn 4:22-24


            Acts 24:14


            Rev 9:20


Advanced thinking:


1.      Have you been worshipping God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?


2.      In the past, has your worship been more like a spectator or a participant?


3.      What is your private worship like?




4.      What is your public worship like?



5.      What does church service have to do with worship and why is it essential to the Christian life?




6.      What could you do differently to make your worship experience more centered on God instead of man?



7.      People have used many styles to express their worship of God throughout history – if you really want to spend time with God- which style helps you most?

q     Naturalist (go out in nature)

q     Traditionalist (rituals, unchanging structures)

q     Ascetics (solitude and simplicity)

q     Caregiver (love God by helping others)

q     Enthusiast (good music and joyful community)

q     Contemplatives (meditate on God’s love and goodness)

q     Intellectuals (studying with the mind)


8.      Is it possible that our worship can include all of the above?


9.      How has an understanding of the sabbath helped your worship experience?


For Further study:  Discover  16 and 3


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