——-Discover Jesus 109——-

He Wants to Minister to You


The Bible claims that God has sent his son, Jesus, to be not only the sacrifice for our sins, but also to be our Priest and to minister for us and to us by His grace.


1.      What is Jesus called in Scripture and what does he want us to do?  Hebrews 4:14-16


2.      What two things does he provide for us according to Hebrews 4:14-16?


3.      Where did the idea of a priest ministering for us come from?  Heb. 8:1,2,5


4.      Since Hebrews 8 talks about how the earthly sanctuary was an example of the heavenly sanctuary, what can we learn from the following examples?


Altar of burnt offering – Ex. 27:1-8, John 1:29 _________________________

Laver – Ex:30:17-21, Titus 3:5 _____________________________________

Table of shewbread – Ex. 25:23-30, John 6:51 ________________________

Candlestick – Ex. 25:31-40, Rev. 4:5 ________________________________

Incense – Ex. 30:7,8, Rev. 5:8 _____________________________________

Ark of the Covenant – Ex. 25:10-22, Ps. 80:1 _________________________

Ten Commandments – Deut. 10:4,5, Rev. 14:12 _______________________

Sacrifice – Heb. 9:22, Mt. 26:28 ____________________________________

Day of Atonement – Lev 23:27, Heb. 9:23 ____________________________


5.      What did God want people to learn from the sanctuary service?  Ps. 77:13


6.      What can an understanding of Jesus as our high priest do for us on a daily basis?


7.      What promises does the Bible offer in helping us with our own sin problem?


Matt. 28:18-20 _______________________________________________


Heb. 2:17,18 ________________________________________________


Isa 53:5 ____________________________________________________


Heb. 7:25 ___________________________________________________


8.      Why do we no longer need to offer our own sacrifices for sin?  Heb 9:24-26







——-Discover Jesus 109——


Advanced Thinking:


1.      What do you need help with today that Jesus, Your High Priest, can do for you?




2.      Read Titus 2:14.  What does Jesus want to accomplish in your life?  Are you willing to let him?




3.      What does living under a burden of guilt do to a person?




4.      How can we get rid of guilt in our life, according to the Bible?  Romans 5:1,2 and Romans 8:1




5.      How  might your life be different than it ever has been before, if you were to rely on Jesus for help every day?




6.      Who do you know that needs to know that Jesus is ministering for them and offering grace to them?  What will you do to help them understand?




7.      If Jesus is our priest in heaven, do we need to confess to an earthly priest today?  Reread Heb. 4:14-16  Why or why not?




8.      How does it make you feel to know that Jesus is ready any moment to help you in any way you need help?



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