He Wants You To Understand the Times

The Bible Claims that when we see certain things happening, we can know that the second coming of Jesus is very near and that we can have confidence and not lose faith in spite of events that take place in the world or in our own lives.

1. Do we know from the Bible the exact time when Jesus will return? Matthew 24:36

2. How can we know when it is near, according to Jesus? Matthew 24:32,33

3. What are some of the things Jesus said that would be happening in the world as the end draws near? Matthew 24

Matthew 24:5 _____________________________________________

Matthew 24:6 _____________________________________________

Matthew 24:7 _____________________________________________

Matthew 24:9 _____________________________________________

Matthew 24:12 ____________________________________________

Matthew 24:14 ____________________________________________

Matthew 24:15 ____________________________________________

4. What are some of the things that would be happening in people’s lives during the last days? 2 Timothy 3:1-5

2 Timothy 3:1 _____________________________________________

2 Timothy 3:2 _____________________________________________

2 Timothy 3:3 _____________________________________________

2 Timothy 3:4 _____________________________________________

2 Timothy 3:5 _____________________________________________

2 Peter 3:3 _______________________________________________

2 Timothy 4:3,4 ___________________________________________

5. How is Noah’s culture like our culture today? Luke 17:26,27

6. What dangers do we face as we live through these things? Luke 21:34

a. ______________________________________________________

b. ______________________________________________________

c. ______________________________________________________

7. What did Jesus tell us to do in light of all these things? Luke 21:36


——-Discover Jesus 106——-

Advanced Thinking:

1. As you look at life today, do you see that “all these things” are happening right now?


2. What is Jesus telling us in Luke 21:9 as we face the events of the last days?


3. After Jesus explained what would be happening at the end of the world, he told a story to illustrate an important point to his followers in Matthew 24:45-51. What is He trying to tell us from this story?


4. If you knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, what would you do differently today?


5. How could a conscious knowledge of the nearness of Jesus coming impact your life in the following areas:

Devotional life ________________________________________________

Physical habits ________________________________________________

Personal relationships __________________________________________


6. How else can we prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus and the events that will be taking place?


7. Write down a list of people in your life who may not understand that Jesus is coming soon, and begin to pray for God to reach them so that they might be ready.


8. What can you do to help others prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus and how can you help them not be afraid of the things happening today? Luke 21:25-28


9. What assurances does Jesus give us for these last days in Luke 21:13-19?


For further study: Read Matthew 25:1-30, Discover 10


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