Daniel 12

As we continue the vision of chapters 10 and 11, chapter 12 gives the dramatic ending. One of the laws of highly effective people is to start with the end in mind. If ever there was a time to keep the end in mind, it is now. God wanted Daniel to have the end of the “thing” (great conflict) to be blazed into his mind and ours. (more…)

Daniel 11

Daniel 11 is a continuation of what Gabriel was explaining to Daniel in chapter ten. “But I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture of Truth.” Daniel 10:21 It covers the same historical period as Daniel 2 but with different symbols. (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, divisions of Greece, pagan Rome, the Church of the Dark Ages). The point is that different nations would arise, but that Satan is behind them all. (more…)

23 Luke

1.  Why do you think the “whole multitude” just went along with whatever was happening at the time? 23:1 2. Was verse two true? Why did they need to fabricate a lie? 3. What do verses 3,4 tell you about Pilate? 4. If Pilate didn’t find fault with Jesus, why Read more…

22 Luke

Luke 22 1.  Why do you think Jesus died during Passover? 22:1 2. What problem did the priest have with Jesus and with the people? 3. Explain verse 3? 4. Do you think Judas only betrayed Jesus for the money?   22:5,6 5. Read 22:7-13. What lessons do you see in Read more…